In 1997, we began to provide safety equipment for people working on roofs in The Netherlands. At that time, safety was already more of a calling than a business. Now, we are a rapidly growing international company – with offices in Europe, North America, South America, the Middle East, Asia and Australia – that designs safety solutions for the most complex buildings around the world.


Today, we still have the same aspiration that we had almost twenty years ago: to make working at heights safer and easier – whether work is being done on a roof, on a scaffold, in a suspended platform or with a BMU.
Having reinvented the way people work at heights, we have become known as a leading specialist that delivers custom solutions, based on the most challenging requirements.

The simplicity of our solutions and our many successful projects in the past prove that innovation is in our nature. Always focused on the requirements of our customer, these innovations have one thing in common: they facilitate the work being done without ever compromising safety. This comes natural to us.

We provide safety – at any height.


After intensive research and development, our engineers developed a Temporary Suspended Platform to complete our range of safety solutions with a product that offers safe temporary access to heights. This falls in line with our mission, which is to be recognized as the world´s number one brand for safe work at height.

Our critical view on existing suspended platform systems has resulted in a revolutionary design with the system’s safety as the number one priority. To reduce the downtime of the system to the very minimum, XSPlatforms developed the XSClimber, an electrical self-reeving traction hoist. Now, we can offer a complete and low-maintenance suspended scaffold solution that users can count on.